Sully Erna has the most remarkable voice in the business. He stands out in the crowd. The only thing wrong with this guy is he is from New England and he is a Patriots fan. HA

He was born Salvatore Paul "Sully" Erna on February 7, 1968. His father who has the same name played trumpet and his uncle was a famous composer. It makes sense that he is so talented.   Here are my favorite Godsmack tunes and happy birthday Sully!

Godsmack - 'Someone In London' and 'Get Up, Get Out' [usually played together]

Godsmack - 'Moonbaby'

Godsmack - 'Time Bomb'

Godsmack - 'Stress'

Godsmack - 'Voodoo'

Getty Images/Ethan Miller
Getty Images/Ethan Miller