Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday is a celebration prior to fasting for many religions. I do not practice those religions so Fat Tuesday is a good reason to party.  My Catholic friends are all getting ready to take on lent and 'Ash Wednesday' which the put an ash mark on their forehead,  so most of them have figured out what they are giving up. Meat, liquor, beer, swearing or to much working. What ever they have decided to give up, Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras has been put in place for them to 'Sew their oats' before they have to get down to business.

It is a very colorful day to say the least especially in New Orleans where Mardi Gras has become a serious party. You do not have to be of any religion to celebrate Mardi Gras in French or 'Fat Tuesday' in English.

Grab your masks and colorful costumes and have a fantastic 'Fat Tuesday'!