Today is the day we put the "lick" in "Gaelic." From a pot o' gold, to the Blarney Stone (kissing it endows the kisser with the gift of the gab, eloquence and flattery skills), four leaf clovers and shamrocks (three leaves on a shamrock stand for faith, hope and love, fourth leaf is an uncommon variation of the three leaf and that's where you get the luck) to your shillelagh being bigger than anyone else's at a party, some stuff you may not be aware of regarding St. Patrick's Day.

Saint Patrick is famous for, among other things, chasing all the snakes out of Ireland, whereupon they immediately immigrated to America and passed the bar exam.

Patrick was born on the coast of England in the year 383 and as a boy, he was captured by pirates and carried off to Ireland to be a slave, where he grew up and became a priest. The Pope sent Patrick, (by then a Bishop) to Ireland as a missionary, where he became Bishop of Armagh, and is said to have built more than 300 churches and baptized over 120-thousand people.. He basically is credited with introducing Christianity to Ireland. As the saying goes, "St. Patrick found Ireland all heathen and left it all Christian..." St. Patrick died in 461.

People love to think they can do accents. Usually, they can't. It's even better when you can persuade TWO who can't to try and one-up the other. Irish accents, you'll find, are the best for this exercise. Some terms to potentially work into the game might be leprechauns, Killarney and "O' Danny Boy."

Kissing The Blarney
Getty Images - Kissing the Blarney Stone

From various internet sites here's what being Irish means:

1. You will never play professional basketball.
2. You swear very well.
3. At least one of your cousins holds political office.
4. You think you sing very well.
5. You have no idea how to make a long story short.
6. There isn't a huge difference between losing your temper, and killing someone.
7. You spent a good portion of your childhood kneeling.
8. You're strangely poetic after a few beers.
9. You will be punched for no good reason... a lot.
10. Your sister will punch you, because your brother punched her.

This round is on me, if a lad or lass desires drink other than beer or whisky---

Nutty Irishman
1 oz Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
1 oz Bailey's Irish Cream
1 oz Cream
--mix together in glass

Cerebral Hemorrhage:
1 oz Bailey's Irish cream
1 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur
1 oz peach, or strawberry schnapps
3 drops grenadine syrup
--Add Kahlua, then carefully layer on Bailey's, then the schnapps. Put the drops of grenadine in for effect

Irish Car Bomb:
1/2 shot Jameson's Irish whiskey
1/2 shot Bailey's Irish cream
3/4 pint Guinness
--Float the Jameson's on top of the Irish creme in a shot glass; drop into glass of Guiness, then chug it before it turns into a coagulated mess!

Cement Mixer:
1 oz Bailey's Irish cream
1 oz lime or lemon juice
--mix together in mouth

Buttery Nipple:
1 oz Bailey's Irish cream
1 oz Butterscotch schnapps

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