I was driving on the freeway this past weekend coming from Pasco and this trucker needed to get over. Well, my papa told me -- and I have known my whole -- life that helping truck drivers out on the road is good.

Semi tips over on I-84 (Oregon State Patrol)

Sending them a "two flash" should indicate to them that it is OK to make the move we think they are going to make. I have always done this, and truckers have always sent me a signal back -- a flash or two of their own light or at least a wave -- to say thank you.

But that is not what happened this time.

The guy must have thought I was being a jerk flashing my lights instead of helping because he honked his horn and flipped me off! What a jerk!

That's one driver out of a billion, and when I finally passed him I noticed that he was about 22.

His daddy probably never taught him the proper truck driving etiquette that all motorists should know. I wonder how he drives in a regular vehicle?

What do you think? Are truck drivers as courteous as they used to be? Take the poll and let me know. I personally think that no one is nice on the road anymore and that most drivers suck!