KPD issued a press release and posted to their Facebook page a plea for assistance in locating the whereabouts of a 44-year old woman who has been missing since August of 2020.

Her name is Jessica Adams and her last known address was in Kennewick. Law enforcement, following up on all the leads they have been presented thus far, has been stymied as of late, but hopefully with this reach out to the public, it might strike a chord with someone who recognizes her or might know of her and/or where she is. It's definitely worth a shot.

There has not been much official word, just conjecture and chatter, about why authorities are bringing this to the public now, some five months after the fact, but we are reminded this is a grown woman and not someone underage whose disappearance would be investigated on an entirely different level.

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The press release from KPD:

20-37888 Missing Person
The Kennewick Police Department is currently investigating a missing persons case regarding 44-year-old Jessica Adams. Jessica has reportedly not been seen since August 2020 and has been reported missing. Kennewick Police Department investigators are following up on all leads but are asking for help from the public. Jessica’s last known address was in Kennewick. If you know Jessica or where she might be, please contact Detective Hamel at 509-582-1352 or Detective Sgt Dan Todd at 582-1315.

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