Who doesn't love a good parody? And it's even better when you can learn a little something in the process. That's exactly what happened when members of the City of Southlake Department of Public Safety got together to shoot a low budget video for their parody of Heart's '80s power ballad "Alone" to help spread the word about weather preparedness. And they managed to get Ann Wilson's seal of approval in the process.

Southlake is a suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area in Texas and as you might expect as we get further into spring, the threat of tornados becomes a more common occurrence. Members of the staff took on the identities of Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson with some pretty awesome '80s hair to boot, while another officer interrupts the shoot to rock the guitar solo.

But amidst all the Heart visual nods, there's a pretty important message being shared about weather safety and preparedness. This parody version, titled "Prepare for Your Home" kicks off with the familiar solitary keys of the original but with the new lyrics, "It's severe weather time again / We hope you prepped long before now / Get in the house / Tell dad the same / That's why you hear the siren's tone / Stay back from glass and those big windows / Oh, get to the middle of the house / or by a throne."

And once we get to the chorus, we see our Ann and Nancy impersonators rocking the streets ahead of a superimposed cyclone to the lyrics, "Prep now / Don't wait until a cyclone / Sign up for ALERT texts on your iPhone / Make a prep kit / Please don't postpone / Prepare right now for your home."

A message toward the end of the video states, "From the bottom of our HEART, we ask you to prepare for severe weather." The posted video then tagged Heart, MTV as well as several local television affiliates.

And what did Heart think of the parody? Ann Wilson tweeted, "We love this!," while sharing it with all her Twitter followers.

The City of Southlake's Department of Public Safety provides police, fire, EMS and emergency management services for the city, and they make pretty great parody videos too. Watch the full clip along with the message from Ann Wilson below.

Wilson is currently promoting her Fierce Bliss solo album and just released a new lyric video for "A Moment in Heaven" that can be seen below.

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