Every week we’re going to ask about your memories or favorite thing about one of the small towns in the Mid-Columbia.

These are places that listen to us but don’t get a lot of attention from us. You know who you are: Benton City, Burbank, Othello, Prosser, Walla Walla (not that small, but you get the idea) and others.

We all associate a place with landmarks, people, smells, landscape and other identifying factors. For me, the Blue Bridge, Rattlesnake Mountain, Spudnuts Donuts, Columbia Center Mall, black basalt, canals, railroad tracks, Russian Olive trees and the Pasco Farmer’s Market “says” Tri-Cities.

For Week No. 1 we’re doing Umatilla & Hermiston. What “says” Umatilla/Hermiston to you? What’s your favorite thing about these communities? What would you miss if you left? Fill in the blank: Hermiston/Umatilla would never be the same without ________________.

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