Thanks to everyone who sent us your camping fails, we had a lot of joy reading them! We laughed at your expense, we may have cried a little. Our contest has now concluded, and we will soon announce a winner. Here are the last camping fails we received over the weekend.

Here are the last submissions:

I pastured my horse along with several other girls, the owner of the farm decided to take us all along on a trip to Cle Elum, WA. We all took our horses up into the mountains the only way up there was on horseback. We had to cross over a big rock that on one side fell into a ravine. one of the horses slipped and was scrambling to get back on its feet and almost went over the edge. we were all scared but I took my horse over with no problem. When we got to a meadow the other girls got undressed and were lying on their sleeping bags in the sun to suntan, I was too shy to do so and also I was on my period. In the distance I saw a person coming, but I did not say anything to the girls. eventually he was seen and those girls jumped up and started screaming and rushing to get their clothes on, it was so funny. the person was a park ranger, he had the biggest smile on his face. In the night while I was in my sleeping bag, I heard something walking around my bag and I was so scared, I thought it might be a bear, needless to say I slept closer to the fire the next night.

Camping in college with boyfriend and his friends, we were all Around the campfire telling stories and I screamed! My boyfriend, now husband, was telling a story about an old girlfriend when I screamed! His friend says, "Sheesh, relax, it was a long time ago." I scream, "No, there are mice crawling up my legs." Yikes! There sure were!!!!!!



So anyone who has been camping knows that you always make smores around a campfire. So as I was roasting my "triple threat" (three big marshmallows on my stick), they began to turn golden brown. But they needed a little bit more roasting to make the centers like "liquid lava." Just as I was pulling them from the campfire, one fell into the fire. We've all had that happen. But my marshmallow began to inflate from the hot coals and gases. So we all gathered around the fire to see this unique event unfold. The marshmallow blew up to be the size of a basketball! We were amazed! Then it happened... it popped and liquid molten marshmallow went everywhere! It landed on my bare hands and instantly fused to my skin! Well it was HOT and I reacted by pulling it off. I didn't realize it would pull the skin off also! So here I am with four or five other spots of marshmallow welded in to my skin. I cant pull it off or I'll end up pulling more skin off! So we go to the nearby glacier-fed creek to soak it off. We do this for half an hour and I think I am going to lose my hands to hypothermia since the water is so cold. The soaking only hardened the marshmallow more so we had to make a trip to the hospital the next morning to get proper care. Even to this day, I have a wicked scar on my hand where I peeled off the molten marshmallow. So beware the next time you drop one in the fire- it could become a molten bomb! Even to this day whenever I'm making smores, I am reminded by my "camping experience." But it hasn't stopped me from making those awesome smores! MMMMMMM....


I became the poster child for "Never Run Around the Campfire" when I was around 4-5 years old. While on a friends/family camping trip near Dayton, I decided it would be okay to chase my friends around the fire. As I was running in a circle and getting dizzier by the minute, I tripped and fell head first into the roaring fire. My mom's cousin was quick on her feet and was able grab me by the back of my clothes and yank me out but not before I received 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The worst part for me was the black garbage bag that my parents filled with ice and made me keep my arm in while we drove down the mountain, slipping in and out of consciousness all the way. We stopped at a farmhouse and my parents called the hospital to let them know that we were coming. I don't remember anything about the hospital visit, but the ice cream sundae and gum I got afterwards were over t he top!!! You would think that this injury would have hindered my ability to be a "problem child", but two days afterwards the "cast" I had on my arm was an excellent weapon in dealing with my older brother much to my mom's horror!


My wife and I decided to take our 3 & 4 year old camping at Timothy Lake in the Mt. Hood national forest last August. The forecast was clear so we packed up and headed for our favorite childhood camp ground. We arrived on a beautiful clear Friday evening we set up camp roasted hot dogs and had a great evening until it started pouring down rain 1/2 an inch that night soaking all our equipment and bedding through the tent. This caused the kids some distress so the following morning we built a fire under our pavilion to warm up. We had a rough camp beakfast and inflated our rubber boat to paddle around the lake as it had cleared off and was hot again. We paddled around to the undeveloped side of the lake and took the kids swimming... Apparently while there we put a hole in the main air chamber of the boat because shortly after setting out back to camp a head wind came up and the boat deflated.... We made it back to the shore and started walking back to camp in the water pulling the deflated boat with two very unhappy children riding in the boat now more of a raft.... Then the thunderstorm came up requiring us to pull out of the water and wait in the bushes using the raft as a makeshift shelter with the children crying and cold snuggled up to us. Roughly two hours later it let up and we continued our ill fated trudging back to camp. We finally got back and started building a fire to warm up around but upon looking for a lighter we found that our site had been robbed of all equipment that was not in our locked car which was ok because upon going to the car to look for a spare lighter we found a notice stating that due to an ongoing forest fire in the area (despite the crazy amount of rain we were enduring) a burn ban was in effect until further notice... We also had no other way to cook the food we no longer had than in the Dutch oven tha t had also been taken. We decided that this was the ultimate failed camping trip and started breaking camp. As we were packing the car the camp host was coming around handing out further notices that the water was unsafe for drinking or swimming in due to elevated algae levels... Sure enough that night we all came down ill for the rest of our vacation. Fortunately none of us were hospitalized.


My husband, my 7yr old daughter, and I were camping at Wallowa Lake with several other friends one

summer. It was our last night there and everyone had gone to bed in their tents. I was asleep when I started to hear loud breathing and grunting. I thought it was my husband, so I kept nudging and pinching him to stop breathing so loud because I couldn't sleep. The breathing was getting louder and closer to my ear when I realized it wasn't my husband. I turned to look over to my daughter when all I could see was her eyes wide open like a deer in the headlights. She was froze with fear. I kept quietly nudging my husband to wake up but he just kept making noise. I kept shushing him to not make any noise because that there was something outside our tent. He finally woke up and whatever was outside our tent wasn't leaving. We quietly got up and slowly opened the zipper to the tent. When we peeked outside through a small opening, all we saw was everyone elses eyeballs also peeking outside their tents. I was not staying waiting for whatever was outside to get us so I whispered to my daughter to get ready. We were going to run to the car. We put on our shoes, counted to 3, opened the zipper, and took off running. We got to the car, I opened the door and my daughter shoved me in slamming the door shut. She pushed me so hard I flew into the back seat. We both ducked down quick to hide from whatever was out there. I peeked out the window to see what was out there, it was a BULL!!!! I ducked back down and told my daughter to stay down so the bull wouldn't see us. Everyone else stayed quietly in their tents as the bull started rummaging through all our stuff. Eventually, the bull wandered off, but we still slept under the back seat in the car. Now, whenever we go camping, we take a fifth wheel.