I'll bet you're wondering where all your time goes, all of the time, so here's THE answer.  You're literally wasting your life staring at your phone.

A survey was conducted on approximately 2,000 Americans, one half Android users, the other half iPhone users. The poll covered a whole bunch of topics, like cash spent on tech products, selfies shot, and overall happiness.

The average Android user spends three hours and 42 minutes a day taking a gander and the average iPhone user spends a whopping four hours and 54 minutes. In other terms, in a year, Android people are looking 56 entire days at their device and and iPhone people are looking at theirs for more than 74 entire days.

Click this link to check out a wide variety of other differences between Apple and Android users. From texting, to number of vacations, even salary differences, the survey shows, to some degree, two very different types of people.

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