After the two candidates running for Vice President, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris are finished squaring off, it's time for the two men vying for the job of Governor in the state of Washington, incumbent Jay Inslee, and challenger Loren Culp, to debate.

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The state’s health and economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic will be front and center for the uninterrupted debate, where the candidates will NOT be on the same stage, but in the same building, and the race's only debate will be televised live, including in the Tri-Cities, on KEPR-TV, Channel 19, as well as PBS stations available on satellite, cable and over-the-air broadcast, check local listings.

Inslee says the state recovered from the last recession to become the country's #1 rated economy under his leadership and it is "poised to rebound more quickly" thanks to his "progressive policies."

"He has messed this state up," claims challenger Culp, a Republican, who is trying to thwart Inslee from procuring a third term.

Culp is currently serving as chief of police in Republic, WA, and he gained notoriety when he publicly called out Inslee and Washington state's stricter gun control laws created under Initiative 1639. Culp touts his business background and military experience in helping to shape his well-rounded candidacy.

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Culp has sparked controversy over holding mask free rallies during the pandemic, including at least one here in Tri-Cities, when he showed at to Clover Island rolling into town in a semi, saying he believes in "individual freedom and liberty."

The candidates will face-off in a modified debate format due to the coronavirus universe.

This will be the only televised debate between Washington Governor Jay Inslee and challenger Loren Culp.

The two campaigns agreed to be in the same building, but not on the same stage, for the hour-long debate scheduled for 8 p.m. Wednesday night, following the vice presidential debate.

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