We told you last week the story of a woman found dead on the Yakima Greenway and a newborn infant found in a tote bag nearby that was miraculously resuscitated. Here's the update on the baby's condition:

The Yakima County Corner has identified the woman as 31-year-old Shaya Leann Ball, whose body was discovered last week by city sewer plant workers in a remote area just off a popular walking path.

No determination has been made as of yet on the cause of death, but reports say the woman gave birth on the path prior to passing away. It was her ninth child.

When the baby was found near the woman the baby was unconscious with an umbilical cord still attached.

Police were able to revive the child.

According to recent reports the baby is doing well and is being called a "miracle"!

shaya ball

The family of Shaya Ball has set up a "GOFUNDME" account for burial expenses.

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