I spotted this post on Facebook and am so happy to report my favorite airline Alaska Air did the right thing the other day when a situation came up on a flight... After seeing all the horror stories of several airlines last year dragging people off the plane etc.. I will continue to fly Alaska Air when at all possible...here's the story!

We are currently sitting on a plane, with a 45 minute delay. Why? Because there is an elderly woman suffering from dementia, who is very upset and confused. The incredible staff of #alaskaairlines is being extremely patient and compassionate, in what can only be a very scary situation for her. Explaining every step, cuddling her dog, working with her husband/caregiver to find the best solution. In short, the entire crew giving so much kindness. This is how I would want my mother, my sister, my aunt, my daughter, my niece, my friend cared for.

Thank you, Alaska Airlines Flight # 748 for giving #firstclassservice to EVERY passenger.

Please Note : Alaska Airlines calmly assisted the woman, her husband/caregiver and sweet pup off the plane, providing hotel and transportation with plans to rest up and try again the following day. Again, incredible compassion given to the both of them while quietly explaining the situation to other passengers.

UPDATE : The woman’s daughter reached out and confirmed her mom and dad reached their final destination safely. Wishing their family the very best as they continue to care for her ♥️

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