If you aren't aware that there's a new Avengers movie coming out this weekend, you must have been living in a cave. Avengers: Infinity War was released last night and will definitely be one of, if not the biggest movie of all time. I say that because of all the hype, yes, but also, it actually lives up to the hype. The plot, acting, emotion, costumes, settings, and special effects are all top notch. The sheer caliber of all the actors involved is INSANE! They took the best parts of each Avenger/MCU film they've done and poured it in to this one.

Now, there are a LOT of fan theories going around and those who have read the comics may know some of what happens. That being said, when you see it happening, you will still be surprised. Without giving anything away, you will feel ALL the feels during this movie: love, hate, surprise, humor, warmth, anger, shock.... and the list goes on. I didn't even know how to process all my emotions after this film.

Even if you haven't seen all the films, you will LOVE this movie. It's fantastic as a stand-alone movie. But if you've seen all the films and/or a comic fan, you'll love it even more because of all the jokes and back-story references that only the big fans will get. But if you're worried about taking a newbie to the film, they'll still love it. Just don't take them opening weekend, you'll have no time to explain anything because the film just jumps right in and doesn't let up until the end. When it ended I had no idea we were at the end because I was so enthralled.

So, moral of the story: GO SEE INFINITY WAR. You will NOT be disappointed. Also,  start a chat group with your friends who have seen it so you can talk and not spoil it for others. My friends and I did that, and it's been SO great! Have fun at the movies!!!

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