He's got the pistol, so I'll keep my patience, as the preacher postulates.....

Chief Jason Edmiston of the Hermiston Police Department put out a press release regarding a stabbing at the Dun Rollin Trailer Park (Love that name, Dun Rollin). Pretty straight forward stuff until this, quote,

"Perhaps this is a political statement, but people across the nation need  to seriously think about the pros and cons of decriminalizing certain controlled substances. This is a classic example of a situation involving user levels of controlled substances having impact on the quality of life of those people in the immediate area as well as the individual who received the stab wounds. I can say with confidence that user levels amounts of controlled substances were a contributing factor into the poor decision making that took place today with the individual involved."

So, we are to infer that the decriminalization of pot caused this? And you know this how? You're alluding to it in the release but it's veiled and disingenuous at best. Oregon legalized it. Get over it. Keep the preaching to church on Sundays. Please keep your opinions to yourself when issuing official police business.

Thank you.


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