World Naked Bike Rides is once again ready to cruise through Portland, OR. June 25th, the world-famous Naked Bike ride will fill the streets of Portland with 10,000 nude (or nearly nude) guys and gals! Riders will gather at Mt. Scott Park in southeast Portland. around 8 P.M. then roll through the streets of PDX.

For those who have lived in Portland for a while, it's not a big deal. For others, well, it's kinda weird. But would we really expect anything less from the city that loves to keep things 'weird'? Nope.

The ride was originally a protest against dependence on oil and/or raising awareness of cyclists on the road. But at this point, it's kind of a choose-your-own protest, you just gotta be naked on on a bike. So, if you're down, head to Portland June 25th. If not, best steer clear of the Rose City that weekend.