Rent in Seattle is high and we all know that, but is it too high that it will ruin the chance for up and coming artists?

Artists leave Seattle all the time after they get their "big break" (singers, comedians, actors and improvisers). The art community says because rent is getting so high artists are moving straight to LA and Nashville and aren't developing locally and providing fantastic performances while they do it. Artists simply cannot afford a single apartment and local bands are saying locals won't come and watch them perform because it doesn't "fit their schedule".

As a result, don't expect another Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Jimi Hendrix, Six Mix-A-Lot (insert your favorite Seattle artist here) to come of age in Seattle. 

There is a debate of the rent being discussed throughout an article showing two sides and how two different people feel about this situation.

Jimi Hendrix live : News Photo