No matter what age group you are playing in, tossing a no hitter or a perfect game is a stunning accomplishment. A New Jersey high school softball player, Alley Frei, threw an immaculate game earlier this season, striking out each of the 21 batters that came to the plate throughout the game.

As a sophomore in 2012, Frei won Player of the Year and recorded three perfect games. This year she has gone undefeated and has been beyond dominant with a record of 26-0, a 0.43 earned run average, 362 strikeouts and 32 walks in a total of 179 innings. Insane numbers.

Needless to say, Frei is being highly recruited from a number of Divison I schools.

I came across this story while searching online for the ruling on a perfect game in baseball. On Sunday afternoon, I watched as Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander inched toward a no hitter against the Houston Astros. Carlos Pena eventually nullified the no no with a single, I believe in the 7th Inning, but as we watched the game, the discussion about a perfect game came up. The question we were debating was, "Can you have an error in a perfect game?"

I'm pretty sure I have found the correct answer thanks to some help from the Reddit community, but I want to hear from my fellow baseball or softball fans on what you think:

Is there any scenario where a team could record an error, yet their pitcher keeps a perfect game intact?

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