I never had detention in all of my high school career. The times are a-changing, however, and kids are getting way more hardcore than I could have ever dreamed. Here are some classic detention slips from Pintrest that will blow you away. Go, children of education!

"When I asked the class who could solve my math problem, Katie stood up and shouted, 'I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE' at the top of her lungs, disturbing my class."

"Disrupting class by standing, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal a Superman t-shirt and announcing he was Superman."

"Chris referred to another student as a 'half-breed."

"For yelling, 'This is mahogany!' when another student dropped book on desk."

"Taking off shirt and yelling, 'Come at me, bro!' at another student."

"Calling a teacher a 'muggle."

"Student threw a sandwich across the room screaming 'YOLO."

"Disrupting class calling herself the reborn Jesus and hitting another student in the head with a Bible."

Did you ever do anything this insane in school?