Grab your skis and boards and head to Oregon Timberline Ski Resort to reopen this weekend.

My husband and I are avid skiers and this year as we all know our ski season was cut short due to COVID-19. Timberline in Oregon is a very unique resort in that you can ski there year-round and even though it is mid-May the resort plans to reopen.

The historic hotel which was featured in the 1980's Stephen King Thriller the Shining will now be accepting guests, and the ski hill will open to skiers and riders via Reservations Only

Here are some of the changes you'll see:

  1. Before coming to Timberline all skiers and riders will need to make a mandatory online reservation.
  2. The ski area will be open from 9am-3pm, weather permitting.
  3. Upon your arrival at Timberline, there will be a mandatory Check Point stop.
  4. Liftlines will be managed with 6’ social distancing.
  5. Skiers and riders will be required to wear glasses or goggles, masks and gloves.
  6. Timberline recommends only skilled skiers and riders visit  to minimize injuries and incidents

Here's the post from Timberline via Facebook

Timberline Re-opening Ski Area and Modifying Hotel Operations Friday May 15th. Positivity, supporting each other and working for the greater good are at Timberline’s core. Timberline was born from the Great Depression as a response and need to heal: creating jobs, mending communities and bringing back a sense of purpose to a fractured society. It is with this ethos of creation, healing and purpose, we move forward with a limited ski area re-opening and modified hotel operations. Timberline would like to welcome our guests back and say thank you to loyal pass holders, skiers and riders with a genuine intention to deliberately and responsibly offer much needed relief through outdoor recreation.

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