We're continuing in our semi-monthly series on HISTORIC WASHINGTON HOMES which are FOR SALE. Inspired by a historic home for sale here in Yakima, one which is listed on a National Registry, I began to search for other such gems in our beautiful state of Washington and I was not disappointed by what I've found.

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Port Townsend in Western Washington for a glimpse at a home that has significance not only architecturally speaking, but historically speaking, as it was built the same year, 1889, that Washington became a state.

Welcome to the Historic Rucker Mansion, at 412 Laurel Dr, Everett, WA

When the listing on ZILLOW says that the opportunity to purchase this glorious home is a "once in a lifetime opportunity", believe it! The author of the listing says it this way:

The views of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains, and the Cascade Mountains are truly spectacular from this approx. 10,000 sq ft masterpiece.

You'll see in the gallery below, that nothing was overlooked when this home was fully renovated.

Some Very Awe-inspiring Features

How would you like some of these in your next purchase of a dream home:

  • Nearly 10,000 Square Feet of Living Space
  • 6 Bedrooms
  • 7 Bathrooms
  • An Elevator
  • A Ballroom
  • A 4,500 Square Foot Carriage House
  • Three balconies
  • 2.7 Acres which are beautifully landscaped

Listed Selling Price

Only $3,500,000.00. Now, this is out of my price range no matter how much I find in my couch cushions, however, I happen to think it's a really great price for the right buyer. The Everett area is beautiful, with a very inviting community, fantastic medical care, some great restaurants, and right on the water. Take a peek inside and see for yourself.

A Gallery of Photos of the Historic Rucker Mansion, Everett, WA

Rucker Mansion - Everett, WA

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