It's actually crazier than it sounds. In Fresno, CA a homeless hitchhiker named Kai came to the rescue as a 6 ft. 300+ pound man claiming to be Jesus Christ went on a crazy rampage.

The self-proclaimed Son of God crashed his car into an innocent man, simply for being African American, pinning him between the car and a truck. He then tried to attack a woman who came to the scene to help. That is when Kai, who was riding in the passenger seat this whole time, pulled out his hatchet and bashed the driver in the head!

The story itself is pretty incredible, but the way that Kai describes the scenario is absolutely awesome.

Warning: The interview below is raw audio and contains language that may not be suitable for everyone.

We need more people in the world like Kai. Yeah, he may be saying a few things that are out there...way out there...and I'll stereotype him and say that he's probably taken/done his fair share of drugs, but this is a genuinely good person. I have a feeling we will be hearing more about this random hero soon.

SideNote: In no way am I condoning, picking up hitchhikers. That is still a terrible idea. Unless it's this guy. Then pick him up and take him for a couple beers. I mean, he did nearly slay a false Jesus with a Hatchet.

[Via KMPH]

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