Homeless Seattle Man Angers Neighbors with an RV Recording Studio

A homeless Seattle man has angered his neighbors and local Ballard business owners because he doesn't go to work and bangs on his drums all day, literally, in his double-decker RV. I think it's safe to say the neighbors are TICKED OFF.

I think it's a cool idea to have a recording studio inside your RV, in fact, every now and then we hear stories of successful celebrities who used to be homeless before they made it to the big time. Sometimes all you need is that one big break, a chance to show the world there is more to what they see in you besides the clothes on your back or the place you do (or don't) call home. I guess this guy is waiting on his big break and until then, the whole neighborhood is gonna hear about it.

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We don't know his name but we do know that he took his old RV that he was living in, spiffed it up a lot, and then created a recording studio space inside it. I first read about this online and this story made me do a double-take. The more I thought about it, I realized this man has a genius idea! Unfortunately for him though, this genius has encountered several complaints.

Neighbors have complained to their city council reps about the loud music and complained about the fact that there's a homeless guy living out of his RV on their block. Local business owners are upset about the visible decay and disarray of trash and other notable objects found near the parked RV because they believe it is driving potential customers away.

We have had similar complaints about homeless folks that took over the grass on Naches Ave. Yakima City Council took matters into their own hands and kicked the homeless community out. They had a barbed-wire fence placed around the median strip of land so that no one could live or lounge there anymore, as KIMA-TV reports. Recently, Camp Hope announced plans to produce a tiny home neighborhood where those who are homeless can find a safe place to live until they can get back on their feet. The residential space is being called permanent supportive housing and you can get more information about it here.

I wondered if other people were talking online about this homeless recording studio and sure enough, Reddit to the rescue.

See some of the comments below and then watch the KOMO news video about the double-decker homeless recording studio.

"When it’s nice out he’ll even put the whole kit on the roof and jam out...Honestly, he's not that bad of a drummer..." - Reddit User @munificent

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screenshot iHeartQ via Reddit

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