Maybe you have a horse or know somebody who has a horse and you would like to donate their four-legged time! Rascal Rodeo is in need of horses for pony rides during their rodeo this Saturday in Hermiston.

Rascal Rodeo is hosting their 11th anniversary Rascal Rodeo at the Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center, this is a free event for anyone with developmental or physical disabilities and it is open to ALL ages. But they are short a few things...

They are in need of horses for pony rides and they are still needing volunteers. If you have a horse or would like to volunteer at this event you can contact  Ann-Erica Whitemarsh or contact Rascal Rodeo.

For more information about this event or if you know someone who would like to attend, you can get the full details HERE.

Rascal Rodeo's Story from Ann-Erica Whitemarsh;

(2019) Howdy! As we head into our ninth year of rodeos throughout the Pacific Northwest, it’s tough to keep a dry eye thinking about all that has happened over the years: from fighting to get the proper insurance; convincing parents to bring their special needs child (of any age); having participants say their first words after riding a horse; to cowboys and cowgirls who once were participants now attending our rodeos as volunteers. It’s been an incredible ride so far and we are excited to see what obstacles we blow through and nay-sayers we prove wrong next (and we mean that in a good way). The one word to describe Rascal Rodeo is miraculous. If you’ve never attended one of our events, come to witness the pure joy that takes place.

When I did the Tri-Cities first “exceptional rodeo” as my high school senior project in 2001, I did it so the special needs people in my community could have a place to be cowboys and cowgirls. It wasn’t until 2010 when I stopped fighting the desire in my heart to go for it and make it an official 501c3 non-profit organization. Soon after, I realized it wasn’t just an opportunity for participants to be cowboys and cowgirls. It was an opportunity for them to discover unknown abilities; for families, communities, media and anyone who sees our photos or videos that people with “disabilities” have more abilities than not!


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