I'm a 97 Rock intern and was told to take pictures of the "Top 3 hottest girls and guys at CBC." Check out what happened: First, I just creeped people out.

I told my editor I felt very uncomfortable, so he gave me an ID badge, two 97 Rock T-shirts (one for a friend), and a clipboard for the friend to hold and sent me back.

At the hub we saw these people sitting at a booth:

Hayden Sprenkle

We wandered to the P Building and saw this guy from a distance. We ran after him and stole him from class to get his picture:

As we headed to the S-Building, we ran into these kids. They were talking about how the guy in the pink jacket, Javier, could pass for a substitute teacher.

We talked to them for a long time because they were hilarious! Apparently Javier is in the band "Get 'Em Tiger" and kept making funny jokes about my project. They also demanded I take a picture of this owl in a nearby tree, so here it is:

That black blob is the owl.

Then we headed to the S-Building. There were a ton of serious kids in the atrium. When we asked to take pictures we got several "no ways." We were getting discouraged when we saw these ladies sitting at a table laughing and they let us take their picture.

We kept being told "no" so we headed back to the Hub. I walked to the library where I saw Javier again. He told me to take pictures of these guys:

And he snuck into the photo:

I know you're disappointed, but I think I made a friend or two.