Funny, I never knew it was a thing.

Forget wishing I knew it was a thing long ago, I'm upset it came to my attention late TODAY after everyone had left the Town Square Media ranch, the Palace in Pasco if you will, for the day and the weekend.

There are SO MANY of my fellow radio peeps that I'd love to introduce the back of my hand to, starting with....well, let's just not, for now, shall we?

Recently it has been discovered, that for some reason, every October 23rd is "Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker Day." So if someone is bugging you at work, don't be shy, take advantage. Slap Your Annoying Co-Worker day falls on a weekend the next two years, so, the pressure is on to execute this one, today, if you can and circumstances allow.

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So what is it about that co-worker you deem most whack-worthy?

Is it the non-stop yakking, gum popping, nail clipping, flatulating or brownnosing? A combination of many, maybe?

It would be a great day to give a viewing to a Three Stooges marathon. It is simply impossible to dissect the science of slapping without the Three Stooges. It is reported that Moe slapped Larry so much that one side of Larry's face felt like leather. (You definitely have to build up to that much slapping.) There was never been slap perfection like these bozos, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

It is possible to learn to perfect your slapping technique, and if you do, share what you've learned with your co-workers.

Of course today is a day for revenge, but remember there are rules within a slap fest. For starters, your one-sided fisticuffs can only be administered to one person each hour, but you can slap them once for each offense. If your supervisor tries to intervene, you can slam him/her, too, just bear in mind the consequences will most likely be swift and permanent.

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