Valentines day is almost here so you need to starting thinking about playing it safe. I was talking to a listener the other day, a woman whom I have never met, and she said she has sex all of the time but never uses a condom. WTF? That is kind of gross to me but she told me it is because she is worried about how they are packaged. Again I say, WTF?The process in which condoms get packed is pretty cool looking but her point was is that they punch holes in them to package. Honestly, I think accidentally getting a, once every thousand condom, with a hole punched in it would be better than getting AIDS right? Just by another condom. In any case, here is the video that shows how condoms are packaged. And for hell sacks, if the condom has a hole in it, get another one!

BTW the guy in the video isn't even using gloves. UGH!

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