There was a great thread on Reddit asking what the biggest perks of being rich are. No. 1 answer? Housecleaning. What stood out to me was how many people said, "I'm not rich but... I enjoy my valet service, having dry cleaning delivered to my house, my personal chef, access to a personal jet, etc." So if those people don't think they're rich, what is the definition of rich?Here are the Redditors' hilarious answers:

  • You know in the movies when the rich guy is introduced while he is on top of one of those rolling ladders in his libary and swoops around the study to find one book? You're not rich until you've swooped across your motherf***ing library.
  • Be able to work as little as you want with no change in your monthly income.
  • When the way you make money is the money you already have makes money.
  • When you no longer care about price tags.
  • You never worry about the cost of medical care.
  • You never worry about affording whatever school your kids want to go to at any level of education.
  • Base salary of $250,000.
  • When you start complaining about the already-low tax rates on capital gains/carried forward interest.
  • If you have a remote-controlled gate in front of your house.

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