National Relaxation Day falls on Saturday, August 15th.  Yep, there's a special day dedicated to the art of doing absolutely nothing.  According to, the day was established in 1985 by a fourth-grader suggesting that people should NOT do anything of real value on August 15th. That's pretty much every Saturday and Sunday for me.  Throw in the COVID-19 pandemic, and it seems almost EVERY day.  Strange times, for sure.

How much can a person relax?  I guess everyone's tolerance is different.  I consider sleeping in a mode of relaxation.  Watching Netflix, Hulu, or any streaming service is relaxing for me.  I admit that I spend a lot of time online, searching for deals that aren't really necessary and aren't in the budget.

Recently, I've also found cooking to be relaxing.  It seems there's a lot of time to relax during a pandemic.  Our gyms haven't re-opened yet.  so, there's a lot of time to peruse cooking websites and create different dishes.  Better yet, heat up the grill and barbecue on the patio.  My husband and I have been spending quality time on the patio, almost every night, doing nothing of real value, in other words, relaxing.

What do you do to relax?  I find pedicures to be relaxing.  Some people go fishing or camping, which I find NOT relaxing at all.  There is a lot of preparing and packing involved with those activities.

I believe I get enough relaxing in.  I'm ready for some action.  I took the bike out of the shed, dusted it off, and traveled a bit of Richland's Riverfront trail.  And, my cat's stroller should be arriving any day now.  That'll be me, walking, no baby, just a cat.  Now, go relax.  How do you relax?  Comment on our app.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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