Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is in theaters June 22.

In honor of the new movie, there's a new game! Jurassic World: Alive is now online!

Jurassic World Waterloo Take Over
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It's a little like Pokemon Go, where you walk around town (while paying attention to your surroundings) and find rare dinos!

The major difference I've found is that you don't literally catch them. You have to actually aim your DNA darts at them as they move around. You try to hit the target and get as much DNA as you can. You keep doing this until you've collected the necessary amount. Then you can breed, evolve, and mutate your digital reptiles.

Don't be surprised to see people flocking to Wal-Mart, where participating stores will serve as digital loot drops.

You can download the game on iOS or Android.

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