Recently my partner and I said goodbye to some Canadian friends we had met only a week before, but after being all together on a boat vacationing for a week, we became pretty good friends rather quickly . We said our goodbyes with hugs and safe travels wishes and promises to stay in touch with a true sense of finality.

And then we ran into them again. TWICE. Once on the tram to baggage claim and then going through passport control. Once you've said your official goodbye, what the hell do you do when you run into them multiple times again? Can't ignore them, maybe a meek smile and a half-ass wave? Caught in a Seinfeld-like world.

The point is, life is full of those awkward, crazy feeling moments, just like the one described above, am I right?

A survey list of the most common found online calls them FML ("Eff my life") moments. The list was compiled in the U.K. but it's pretty much universal.

See how many you can relate to, and what other situations have you found yourself planted in that just screams "AWKWARD!"

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Here are the top ten that were voted to be the most universal . . .

  1. Returning a wave to someone who wasn't actually waving at you.
  2. Forgetting your friend's birthday.
  3. Misjudging the weather and wearing a sweater on a hot day.
  4. Forgetting to charge your phone, so your alarm doesn't go off.
  5. Spilling coffee on a white shirt first thing in the morning.
  6. Your umbrella turning inside out in the rain.
  7. Dropping your phone in the toilet.
  8. Forgetting your headphones before a long trip.
  9. Someone pointing out a tag is still on your clothes.
  10. Leaving the house in too much of a rush, and then spending the whole day wondering if you left your stove or curling iron on.

Here are a few more good ones that just missed the top ten:  Accidentally texting the person you're gossiping about; losing your balance on a train or the bus and falling in a stranger's lap; accidentally ending a work call with "I love you."


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