Standing with a bunch of happy people gradually serpentining our way to the front window of the new Dutch Bros. Coffee in Pasco on Court Street and Road 26, it struck me that some folks, like me, will do really eyebrow raising things when anything free is dangled in front of our faces.

I love Dutch Bros. Don't get me wrong. Its quality joe and I'm always impressed how much Dutch Bros. steps up for people in the community when they really need it... plus offering free coffee all day whenever a new location opens up is top notch customer service.

But I can't afford free. I can't afford free!

I'm standing in the Dutch Bros. line wondering where all these people are coming from, how long is this really going to take and that I'll be danged if someone is going to try and take cuts and keep me from my entitled spiff.

Then, after 90 minutes, I walked away.

Does my life not have more purpose than waiting 90 minutes for a coffee that's worth $4.50 tops? My time is worth less than 3 bucks an hour? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with all of you people? I used to relish in lampooning folks who drive all over town looking for the cheapest gas. Even if you have a 20 gallon tank and find a place that's a whopping 4 cents cheaper than anywhere else, congratulations, you just saved under a dollar. And you probably burned at least a buck forty driving to the cheap pump.

Now, I'm that gas guy.

It's just under the guise of "Coffee Guy".

Only you can make the call as to when free is really worth it (Time + Energy + Patience = Satisfaction with Freebie). I'm sure there's some algorithm that proves my hypothesis somewhere, or not.

Have a great weekend. Don 't drink and drive. Keep 'er in the holster.

Double C's

Curt Cartier