Spring is (almost) here! Our fingers are crossed, our hearts are hopeful for a warm, nice spring to spend outside.

My favorite place to go is Howard Amon Park. Even if I didn't live in Richland, I'd make the quick drive to Howard Amon. It's worth it.

Here's some things you can do to make sure everyone at the park wants to hang out with you. Trust us. This is what you gotta do to be COOL.

  1. Let your dog run free. It's his play time too. Let him jump on all the kids and say hello. They love dogs.

  2. Go ahead and smoke that herb. It's legal in Washington state.

  3. Don't bother looking up from your phone when your kid is shoving others. It teaches the other kids problem-solving strategies.

  4. Please feed the seagulls, they need to eat too.

  5. Go head and leave your lunch wrappers on the ground. The squirrels love it and it keeps city works employed.

  6. Play that Boom speaker as loud as you want so others can enjoy the music as well.

  7. If your kid is causing a problem at the top of the climbing gym, just yell louder, no need to get up.

  8. Poopy diapers in the wading pool boost everyone's immune system, and you don't want your little guy to get a diaper rash.

  9. Use the F word if you're feeling it. Parks are free speech zones. Everyone will celebrate your liberty.

  10. Let your kids borrow others' scooters and trikes. It teaches them to share.

  11. The end of the green dock is a perfect place for your toddler to feed the geese.

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