The Academy Awards are this weekend, and many of us will be glued to the tube for Holly's big night. If you're a psycho movie fan like, and and can't get enough of the award's shows, you may already have your Oscar party planned. But if you have friends or family who aren't as in to them as you, I've got some tips on how to have a party everyone can enjoy.

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    Watch in Your Jammies

    Sure, the stars will be all dolled up for the event, but that doesn't mean we have to be. Get everyone to come over in their pajamas so you can be all cozy for the evening.

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    Bring on the Booze

    Make sure you have plenty of adult beverages on hand to ease the pain of those who aren't so into the show. If you're watching with kids or aren't in to alcohol, have creative mocktails on hand to make the event festive.

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    This is a no-brainer! Make sure the snacks are ready to go and have a lot on hand. Don't be afraid to go fancy. Hit up Yokes and splurge on the expensive cheese. If it's good enough for Meryl Streep, it's good enough for you!

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    Make it Game

    Create your own Oscars Bingo or drinking game. This will keep everyone engaged in a fun way. Make sure you include "Someone says something political" in your game, because that's SURE to happen! :D

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    Make Gift Bags

    One of the perks of winning an Oscar is the gift bags they get. Now of course yours will be filled with less spendy items, but put a few together as party favors for your guests. Throw in fun socks, mini bottles of booze, Starbucks gift cards, small toys, trial sized toiletries/products, and some sweets. Definitely a fun and memorable parting gift!

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