When I lived in Richland, I loved going to Howard Amon Park.

Tri-Cities is a great place to raise a family. There are plenty of things you can do with your kids in town, and certainly no shortage of parks. I used to go on little dates with my wife and grab a coffee before heading down to Howard Amon Park. We would walk along the river and if the American Empress was in town, we'd watch people come and go from the ferry. After our first daughter was born, we'd take her to the park to play along the water. We celebrated her first birthday at Howard Amon. We've since moved to Kennewick and take her to Columbia Park, but every now and then we take her back to Howard Amon.

In the modern age, everything and everyone is subject to reviews.

Sometimes I read reviews and wonder how they can hold so much power over a business. You see enough bad reviews pile up, you may not go to a movie, mechanic, restaurant, even a park. But when you actually read all of the reviews (I must hate myself), you start to wonder if other people see what you see.

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Because I, do in fact, hate myself; I looked at a bunch of reviews of Howard Amon Park. Of the more than 2,000 Google Reviews, most seemed to be fair. People noted the lovely view, nice trail, docks, the Richland Community Center, and the shaved ice. A common theme I sensed from these reviews was that there were a lot of people coming to the park in recent years. That's true of all of Tri-Cities as we continue to grow.

South Park hit the nail on the head when it comes to reviewers. We've all become experts at everything with the power to tank someone's public image if we're feeling passive-aggressive enough. People leave one-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook without any explanation at all. People leave five-star reviews without saying a word about their actual experience. Then you get these reviews, which can be bizarre, and hilarious even if unintentionally.

10 Weird Reviews of Howard Amon Park in Richland Sure to Confuse You

Howard Amon Park in Richland has been a staple for Tri-Citians for years. It's got views, amenities, and is always a good way to spend your time with your family. Like any other park, Howard Amon is not perfect. It can be crowded at times (remember Pokemon Go in 2016?) and sometimes people don't do a good job of cleaning up after themselves.

We've gathered some reviews of Howard Amon Park. Most of them are weird and some are funny, confusing, or downright impossible to decipher.

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