I love writing about Washington's history in film. Whenever I hear a movie has been filmed in Washington, I go out of my way to watch it. My favorite movie used Washington as a filming location. Top Gun: Maverick was the biggest movie of the summer and parts of its pivotal climax was shot right here in the Evergreen State. If you haven't seen this next classic I'm about to discuss, get it on your watch list as soon as you can.

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Sean Connery was one of the greatest actors of all time. His role as James Bond put him on the international stage but some think Connery really hit a new stride in his later years. One such instance is The Hunt for Red October, a 1990 adaptation of the Tom Clancy book. The character of Jack Ryan has been interpreted by many actors over the years, namely Harrison Ford and recently, John Krasinski in the streaming series. The iconic action hero was played by Alec Baldwin in Red October, his only turn in the role. But it is Sean Connery's portrayal of Marko Ramius, commanding officer of the Red October that not only stole the show but cemented the movie as an all-time classic.

Sir Sean Connery in Berlin
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Where was The Hunt for Red October filmed?

The early interior shots of the submarine were filmed on a studio soundstage, but the bulk of the film was shot in Port Angeles, Washington. Paramount Studios, who famously worked with the Navy on the Top Gun films, worked with the help of the military branch on The Hunt for Red October, with the studio filming aboard the USS Reuben James.

You Gotta Watch These Classic Movies Filmed in Washington Before You Die

You're probably here because you're a movie fan. You probably also live in Washington. You're probably here because I told you there were some amazing movies filmed in Washington. Movies with actors such as Johnny Depp, Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis, and the late great Heath Ledger. If you haven't seen every movie on this list, you need to get a move on. These are the best films that were shot in the beautiful state of Washington.

TV Shows Filmed in Washington That Are Definitely Worth Your Time

Not everything has to be filmed in a Hollywood studio in Los Angeles. Plenty of movies have been filmed in Washington, with even more being set in Washington. But did you know that several great TV shows have had shots or entire series filmed in Washington?

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