Cinco De Mayo has become a simple excuse for many Americans to pour alcohol into their faces, yet there are very few that actually know the real meaning behind the 5th of May...and if you didn't realize that Cinco De Mayo translates to the 5th of May, you suck at life.

Most people will confidently respond that Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of Mexican Independence Day. Au contraire. Mexico celebrates Independence Day on September 16th.

Cinco De Mayo in the US is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, but in some parts of Mexico (yes some, not all) its marks the underdog victory of Mexican troops defeating the French army in the 1862 Battle of Puebla. The Mexican troops were outnumbered nearly 2-1 in the battle and were far less equipped then their French counterparts. Not to mention France hadn't been defeated in battle for decades. This was also the last time that a European country has invaded a country in the Americas. Way to go, Mexico.

The US and parts of Mexico aren't the only places where you can find Cinco De Mayo being celebrated. Even north of the border, in Vancouver, British Columbia the Abbotsford Skydiving Center hosts their annual Skydive Boogie with live music, food, and an air show. Plus tandem skydiving lessons are also offered. Another, and even more random type of celebration, happen in the Cayman Islands with their annual Air Guitar Competition. Check out this dood doing his best rendition of GNR's Paradise City, while dressed like slash, balancing on stilts, and rockin' a flaming top hat. Wild.

No matter how you celebrate or whether or not you even knew, or cared to know, the real meaning behind Cinco De Mayo, enjoy it. Throw back a Jarrito or Tecate and chomp down on some asada from your favorite taco truck. Being that the 97 Rock/Glass Hook studios are in Pasco, that's really just another day in the neighborhood for us...Órale!

And on the side of alternative reasons for celebrating Cinco de Mayo...or Sinko de Mayo, 97 Rock faithful family member, Danny Perez offered this explanation...sweet coat by the way, mijo: