You may not know this about me, but one of my favorite places in Seattle is the theater district. I love catching shows at the Paramount and 5th Avenue Theater. I can thank my significant other for introducing me to this passion.

We've been together 8 years (since 2006) and she's always been a fan of theater. She had a dream of being on Broadway and has me hooked. Broadway shows are just incredible -- the practice it must take to sync that choreography, acting, singing, art and staging. I'm always impressed by what talented human beings can come up with when you put them together in a room. In fact, I'm fascinated by crowds.

Locally, my girlfriend has always been a big-time supporter of the arts. Her family has been active in the Academy of Children's Theater in Richland. Through her I've learned Tri-Cities is a great place for aspiring thespians.

We also really enjoy the work of Columbia Basin College's theater department. Their long-time director does a fantastic job.

Let me also give a shout out to The Richland Players and the Mid Columbia Musical Theater.