I had a really special thing happen to me this week. I went to check the mail. It was the usual items like bills, junk mail, and "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE PRE-APPROVED" trash. But when I fanned out the items, one envelope caught my attention. I read it and gasped.

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It was a card addressed to me from Pro Bowl linebacker Joe Schobert. I'm a Cleveland Browns fan (don't pity me; I relish the misery) and participate a lot in the team's subreddit. Last month, a tweet was linked that said Joe and his wife Megan were expecting their first baby. Joe is about a year younger than me and I only recently became a father. I identified with him. It's tough to get the hang of it. I'm sure most parents agree that you never figure it out 100%.

Well, in the comments section, their Amazon registry was linked so I checked it out. I found something that my wife and I had found very useful as new parents and had it sent to Joe and Megan.

While I understand that NFL players typically are very well-off, I wanted to help because so many people helped my wife and me when our daughter was born. Plus, Joe is still on his rookie contract for a small-market team. Eventually, Joe and Megan did ask for people to donate to a charity instead of sending more gifts. They're truly amazing people.

So, fast-forward to the other day. I open the card, and it's a thank you card. It really made my week knowing that these two took the time out of their busy lives to do this. Joe is currently poised to be a free agent, so they don't even know where they're going to be living. It would be like if you or your spouse got a new job and you had to get the house ready to sell, or shop for a new one. But despite that, they not only sent me a card but personalized it. You can check it out below. It's definitely something I'll hang onto forever.


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