So Van Halen has a new album "A Different Kind Of Truth" and are touring again. Even better the band is almost the original members minus Mark Anthony. So I was surprised  to see this quote from front man David Lee Roth basically saying the band is unhip or not cool.

“Even when we were happening, even when we were the flavor of the week the first time, we weren't cool. John Travolta and ‘Saturday Night Fever’ were cool. And across the street, the Sex Pistols and the Clash were cool. We were just kind of an island. I don’t know that Van Halen ever really fit in. And it was not a conscious act. Many times we’re trying to imitate other people; it just comes out looking and sounding like us. And today we’re still not cool. We’re somewhere between Katy Perry and Muse. Somewhere between Kings of Leon and Maroon 5. Welcome to our island. Abandon all hope.”

I really don't think that is the way to promote Van Halen to it's current fan base or to try and get new fans. What do you think? Is DLR a total ass? Leave a comment below!