There is one item of G.I. gear that can be the difference between a live grunt and a dead grunt. Socks, cushion, sole, O.D. green. Try and keep your feet dry when we're out humpin'. I want you boys to remember to change your socks wherever we stop.

In the history of humanity, there have never been more important words spoken. The quote is from Lieutenant Daniel Taylor, better known to some as "Lieutenant Dan, ICE CREAM!" Sure, he may be a fictional Lieutenant, but he's a Lieutenant none-the-less. And he's right. Keeping a fresh pair of socks handy can literally be a lifesaver.

I've been a big fan of wearing crew-length socks because I wear a lot of hi-top or "mid" shoes. Only recently have I been wearing "cool socks." I have a few pairs of Stance socks I picked up for $5 a pair at Ross, and they are the comfiest socks I've ever worn. So, when I saw Stance was collaborating with Metallica, I just about lost my marbles. Stance x Metallica sees 6 new pairs of socks, one pair for youth, and even a 3-pack for infants and toddlers.

Stance x Metallica
Stance x Metallica

Whatever your mood or flavor, there's a Metallica sock for you. Just remember to wash them! $17 is pretty spendy for socks, but they'd make a great Christmas gift. Most white elephant gift exchanges set the limit to $20, so this would fit right in. Plus, how funny would it be to give Grandma a pair of socks that say "Kill Em All?"

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