The family limo was repossessed -- these aren't great times at the Iceman Manor (don't ask) -- so they fired his driver. As a result he's taken the lessons, passed the test and now has a driving permit. You may not recognize the historical significance of this moment.

If Iceman becomes famous (or infamous), this permit will be one of those documents that will be traded on the black market until it surfaces in the mainstream just in time to contradict something he's said and cause a media frenzy.

If he runs for president his past will be scrutinized with ridiculous attention to detail. His photograph will be analyzed. Does he look like a healthy, well-adjusted young man? If Iceman ever kills someone, people will stare at this photo thinking, "Are those the eyes of a killer? Should we have known he was a closet psychopath?"

If he becomes the next Casey Kasem everyone will look at this photo and say, "Look, he's so young here. Was he a child prodigy? Or did he just follow a dream? Might I also become as successful as Iceman if I just believe in myself? Are those the eyes of a man who believed in himself?"

Most likely, this permit will be stuck in a glove box and not seen again until Iceman's children are cleaning the car for a few bucks for the ice cream truck. They'll see their father's young face and realize he, too, was young once, not unlike them.

Yes, history has been made.