Meet Illusion Suicide, a 20-year-old SuicideGirl living in Portugal who calls herself a “pack leader” and loves to hang out with “magic souls.”

We think Illusion has a little bit of magic in her soul too. Do you agree?

Name: Illusion Suicide

Age: 20

Location: Portugal

Age: 20 (Sep 16, 1992)

Location: Portugal

Occupation: Pack leader

Makes me happy: Magic souls

Hobbies: Art

I spend most of my free time: Stumbling on my feet

Bands: God is an astronaut, Cult of Luna, Converge, Rise and Fall, Isis

Films: Underworld Awakening, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Remember me

Books: The Mists of Avalon, A Game of Thrones

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