Friday Night Fights will feature two new tracks on 97 Rock, and you get to decide which one you like more and want to hear more of! The winner will be played the following Friday at 8pm and battle with a new band and a new song to see who takes home that weeks title!

Ghosts of August were our champion for five straigh weeks, so we are going to put them into the Friday Night Fight Hall of Fame and bring you two new bands and songs.

This week, its In Flames vs. Dead Sara. Listen to the two tracks below and vote for your favorite!

  • In Flames

    Where The Dead Ships Dwell

    In Flames. Even if you haven't heard their music, their band name alone makes you want to check them out. They've been shredding and melting faces for nearly two decades and just recently released their 10th studio album called Sounds of A Playground Fading. You can catch them at the Knitting Factory in Spokane with Trivium and Kyng on Saturday, February 4th.

  • Dead Sara


    Up and coming rockers, Dead Sara, just released their debut album 'Weatherman' back in August. Check out the title track and video below!

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