Is it weird no one cares two craps about President's Day? What are you supposed to do with a holiday in the middle of winter anyway? Like most of you, I spent it indoors with my family doing nothing. We did, however, treat our kids to an in-home picnic movie night. If you don't do these, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Basically, we clear the living room floor of everything, lay down a blanket and eat dinner sitting down. We just had roast chicken with microwaved vegetables. Then we watch a movie together (projecting it on the wall is even better) with some popcorn. Our kids freaking LOVE it!

Last night we watched the Dreamworks hit "Rio." My daughter watched it over a 100 times in her first two years of life, but that was two years ago now, so she thinks she's never seen it. Re-watching movies my daughter has forgotten is now our favorite way to entertain her.

This is a crazy cheap and simple way to have quality family time. If your kids need to be treated but you're strapped for cash or don't want to go out, give it a try.