I'm learning in my fairly young age (I'm 21) how hard it is to thoughtfully buy Christmas gifts for my family or friends.

If you're like me, you'll love this list of awesome gift ideas ranging from poopy-looking soap bars to diesel powered mech warriors. Most of these are cheap and affordable. (The mech warrior is a little over a million dollars.)

These gifts are sure to tickle your inner nerd, or your inner child.

SPOILER: Now you can literally give a flying f*ck!


Handful of boob creamer $6.91

Batman batarang pocket knife $1.79

Remote control Flying F*ck $29.95

Tactical laser-guided pizza cutter $19.99

Playable electric guitar shirt $22.49

World's strongest coffee "Death Wish" $19.99

Lock N' load target alarm clock/Gun alarm colck

Death Star ice cube mold $5.99

Jedi robe bathrobe $44.00

"Living" magnetic putty $14.99

Workaholics bear coat $150

Han Solo frozen in carbonite case for iPhone 4 $3.49

Toilet bowl coffee mug $13.03

Corny poop soap bar $9.98

Camera lens coffee mug $13.25

Real lightsaber $299.95

RC flying shark $29.95

How I Met Your Mother suit jammies $99.95

Fire extinguisher lighter $2.92

Magic wand motion sensor TV remote $89.99

Beer can holder bandolier for 12 brews $34.95

Mold that shapes your fried eggs into a penis $9.79

Human fetus shaped soap $15.00

Thanks to thisiswhyimbroke.com