Never rat on your friends?

Always keep your mouth shut?

A Walla Walla gang member's attempted murder trial is shining light on gang codes and some of the inner-workings of gang culture.

Last July, Diego Bante-Rivera was shot 8 times and left to die by fellow gang members because they thought Bante-Rivera had snitched to the cops about a month earlier when he was called in for questioning on a different matter.

He had not said a word, but that didn't stop the speculation about what he'd done and said. July 26th, Bante-Rivera was "chilling with his homies" for a few hours drinking beer and waxing about life when he was shot 8 times while his back was turned relieving himself.

Bante-Rivera survived the shooting but was left paralyzed from the waist down after a bullet fractured his spine, and likely will never walk again. Even with that life-altering event, the defense says Bante-Rivera is trying to pin the shooting on someone who was just an associate of the gang and not the actual shooter, who is a full time gang member.

Also: Gang bangers look for rivals to beat up and members are likely to shoot any fellow member who talks to the police.

Take a pinch and deny everything.

Some kind of life.

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