After lots of hype and anticipation, iPlay Experience is now open in Kennewick.

My family and I checked it out. When you show up for the first time, you sign a waiver. This is how you start your account. You're given a card that acts as a key. When swiped, it opens the gates when you arrive and leave. You then buy a pair of non-slip socks for your child. They're $1 and you just bring them back with you each time.

There's two sections. One is for toddlers only (and parents) where bigger kids aren't allowed. This is really nice, because my daughter is kinda shy. She tends to lock up around bigger kids. The two areas are connected, but inaccessible from each other when you're in the actual play areas.


The other area is for bigger children,. We took our daughter through this as well. Some highlights include a ball pit that's illuminated and has a big interactive "touch pad" with Windows based and Android based games projected onto it. There's also an inner-tube slide next to conventional slides that are quite large.


Near the cafe with made-from-scratch food is an interactive zone. There's a pad that has games projected onto it. My daughter really enjoyed jumping on the mice. There's also an interactive sand box. It uses Xbox One Kinect sensors to detect the level of sand. The deeper you dig, the more interactive things you can do.

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@iplayexperience has opened in Kennewick this week so we had to check it out!

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If you want to see some video of all the fun we had, check out our Instagram post!

We didn't check out the VR space, but it's quite large and boasts a big game selection. It's not included in the admission price. It costs about $9 for a single game.


What we really like:

  • The price: for our 14 month-old, admission was about $16 after tax. Parents get in free. Discounts available with a membership.
  • The location is easy to find near Columbia Mall.
  • The cafe in the back has made-from-scratch empanadas. Cost for 3 + a drink: $7
  • The ingenuity: there is nothing comparable not only in town, but in the region.
  • Locally owned! Not a chain, 100% locally owned and operated. The owner works at Hanford.
  • Parents can not only accompany kids, but go through the entire playground. This is great for parents of younger children.
  • The friendly staff.

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