There was news earlier in the day that Del Taco was acquired by Jack in the Box to the tune of about $575 million. That's a whole lot of tacos! Though we in Yakima are very familiar with Jack in the Box, Del Taco is another chain we don't have here in Yakima. Is it coming sometime in the future?

Here's a few predictions I have and how probable they'll be.

What if Del Taco opened its first location in Yakima. It can be anywhere, really. Mostly likely on South 1st Street as that's where most businesses seem to be going now-a-days. I'd welcome one to the parking lot of the West Valley Walmart on 66th and Nob Hill. But the probability of this happening, in my opinion, is pretty low. I mean, we already have the best Mexican food in Yakima and with several Taco Bell options, though I'd love a Del Taco, I don't see it happening.

What I could see happening, though, are combination restaurants. Maybe you've seen those in your travels. A combination KFC / Long John Silvers or Taco Bell / Pizza Hut. Here in Yakima we have a KFC / A&W restaurant. I could see at least one Jack in the Box location turning into a Jack in the Box / Del Taco combination restaurant. And I'd be all for it.

The other option would be like what Carl's Jr. did for a while and offer 'Green Burrito' food options as part of the menu. Jack in the Box could still be Jack and will always be Jack but maybe they'll have a few of the more popular Del Taco options. I see this being the most likely of what would happen if they decide to come to Yakima.

Fingers crossed this is what happens. I love their dollar menu options.

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