Many were shocked and outraged by the shooting at the Town Crier in Richland last week. And now it seems that there was another gun-related (and gang related) bar struggle in Sunnyside. There was a scuffle at the Three Amigos Bar on south Sixth Street in Sunnyside 1am on Sunday. There was a bar fight and officers were dispatched to handle the situation.

When they arrived they attempted to detain a few of the alleged instigators of the brawl, a few resisted, and a some were armed. Four men are facing accusations ranging from provoking an assault to weapons charges. One of the men was identified as being a part of the Norteno gang.

With this rise in bar brawls, and other gang-related crimes, it seems that gang violence is on the climb. Maybe it was just Halloween weekend, maybe it was just coincidence, but it seems these things are happening a lot as of late. What do you think? Is gang-related crime/violence on the rise in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas?