I haven't lived at home since I was 17. I haven't moved back once. Not for a weekend, not for spring break. I haven't been back except to say hello. I would rather sleep in my car or a bench at the park than live with my parents. I am a man and I can't live under someone else's rules under someone else's roof again.

Pete's friend and sister are both 25 or older and live at home. They moved away for college, then both moved back. The sister came back for an internship. The son moved back after graduation while looking for a job. His other friend is 28 and has never moved out.

The girl took an internship in Pasco. The son would go to school in California, then move home for the summer. Then they stay at the house while looking for a job. My buddy is almost 28 and he never moved out. He says he's saving up to move out of Tri-Cities but he's still here.

What do you think. Is it OK?